Software Development

Here are some of the applications that we have built for universities around the country. We'd be happy to talk to you about providing similar customized solutions for your school.

First Destination Survey/Real-Time Data

Eliminates survey mailing and staff data entry and provides immediate real-time information on salaries, employment rate, career office usage, etc. via the web. Students enter survey data directly into your database from your website. Over twenty different reports are available reflecting up-to- the minute status of your latest data (such as employment status, salary information, career center usage, major employers, graduate/professional school data, etc.).

OASIS (Online Appointment Scheduling Information System)

Allows students to easily schedule appointments with your staff via the web. Staff can view appointments and tailor their appointment availability.

Alumni Connection: Web-Accessible Alumni Mentoring Database

Allows your students to network with your alumni (as well as parents, University friends, etc) for career information and advice, internship and job search assistance, graduate/professional school information, minority mentor identification, etc. Not merely a list of alumni names and addresses, Alumni Connection is a comprehensive database system featuring user-friendly, point and click search capabilities.

Customized Programming Upon Request

Contact us for discussion and cost estimates for your specific career services office software development needs.